• What is the function of ostomy bag should have?
    Post time: 01-26-2024

    An ostomy bag, also known as a pouch or appliance, is a medical device that is used to collect waste from a surgical opening in the abdomen. This opening is created during a surgical procedure called ostomy, which involves bringing a part of the intestine or other internal organs to the surface ...Read more »

  • New ostomy bag technology has been launched
    Post time: 01-22-2024

    A ground-breaking new ostomy bag technology has been launched that promises to revolutionize the lives of millions of people with ostomies. This innovative design, called ORIENTMED Ostomy bag, aims to change the way ostomy patients manage their condition, providing a more comfortable and discreet...Read more »

  • Experience Quality and Convenience of Ostomy Bag Factory
    Post time: 05-23-2023

    When it comes to ostomy care, quality, reliability, and convenience are paramount. That’s why we take great pride in introducing our state-of-the-art ostomy bag factory, where we produce top-of-the-line ostomy bags that are designed to enhance the lives of individuals living with ostomies....Read more »

  • What is a Blood Lancet?
    Post time: 05-04-2023

    A blood lancet is a small, sharp instrument used for obtaining a blood sample. It is commonly used in medical and laboratory settings for diagnostic purposes. The instrument itself usually consists of a small, straight blade that is very sharp on both sides. Blood lancets are typically used to pr...Read more »

  • What is an ostomy bag?
    Post time: 03-16-2023

    What is an ostomy bag? According to the different stoma, the ostomy bag can be divided into Colostomy bag and urostomy bag. An ostomy bag is used to store feces excreted by a stoma patient through the stoma, Theostomy bag is composed of a barrier and a bag body, the barrier makes the ostomy bagst...Read more »

  • What is an ostomy?
    Post time: 03-15-2023

    What is an ostomy? People who have ostomy surgery, usually with disease or cancer of the large bowel orrectum .During clinical treatment, an opening in the abdomen will be surgically used as adrainage channel to replace the anus. This opening is called an artificial stoma or artificialanus,it is ...Read more »

  • Disposable Sterile Surgical Scalpel Blade for Medical Use
    Post time: 02-24-2023

    Disposable Sterile Surgical Scalpel Blade for Medical Use. The Disposable surgical scalpel is made of the materials specified in the standard. The plastic handle knife is connected by the assembly method of the surgical blade and the plastic handle. After heat treatment of the blade, the hardness...Read more »

  • How many types of ostomy bag?
    Post time: 02-22-2023

    Stoma is defined as different sorts based on the different diseases and operation positions: 1.Colostomy A colostomy is usually made on the left-hand side of your abdomen, it is permanent descendingcolon and sigmoid flexure stoma.The colostomy is 1-1.5cm higher than the abdomen walland with Dia.O...Read more »

  • Disposable PVC plastic Stethoscope
    Post time: 01-04-2022

    Disposable PVC plastic Stethoscope   The stethoscope is the most commonly used diagnostic tool for internal and external gynecologists and pediatricians. It is a symbol of physicians. Modern medicine began with the invention of the stethoscope. I remember that when we were young, our doctors...Read more »

  • ORIENTMED Nitrile gloves with short delivery
    Post time: 11-29-2021

    Nitrile gloves in stock to Manager from ORIENTMED   Dear Manager,   Glad to know you. We are professional medical device supplier since 1991. Recently our Nitrile gloves are competitive and also in stock now. Nitrile gloves FOB Shanghai USD 32/carton   (M =4.0g, AQL: 4.0, Size: 9”...Read more »

  • New type digital blood pressure monitor
    Post time: 11-08-2021

    New type digital blood pressure monitor   Dear Manager,   Good day and glad to know you. 1). Recently we hade a new type blood pressure monitor.      Key function is it could be charged by your USB charging line.           2). Functions:       a. Inflation Measuring Technology- Mo...Read more »

  • Post time: 10-28-2021

    Re:Disposable medical face masks to Manager – ORIENTMED Our medical face masks and other PPE products are compeititve now.   1). Our company was established since 1991 and supply medical devices over 20 years.             Price: FOB Shanghai USD 0.01073/pcs (based on 1*40HQ)      Cer...Read more »

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